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How I Made Thousands From My 10 Year Challenge Post

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

Wouldn't it be great if you could recognize trends in social media before they start? Over the last few years viral posts have come and gone rather quickly. It is our job as marketers to immediately recognize, react and utilize the trends happening in social media for our clients gain.

Never Stop Working

In a world where today's news becomes old news in a matter of hours, an effective marketing company will be ready at a moments notice to release relevant content for their clients. We wait for the outcome of a sporting event, we are constantly in tune with current affairs, and we always look for ways to translate them into content for our businesses.

Positive Reactions

You should always be keen on whatever it is your customers will show a reaction to. Using methods and content that generate positive reactions will always remain goal number 1. A true master of marketing can manipulate negative current events in favor of their business. EXAMPLE: "No more romaine lettuce? We have finest selection of Kale available."

Why Did I Click On This Link?

We cant speak for everyone. Most likely you were intrigued by the headline and the drastic change from picture to picture (the one on the left is not me, but its funny though!) and you wanted to see how exactly a post like the 10 year challenge could generate revenue for your business. Something as simple as a picture or video can actually gain revenue for your business, which is already the case for this article.

Words From Mouth Marketing can help your business recognize trends that attract new potential customers and clients. We're equipped to handle anything your business needs. Contact us to see exactly how we can take your business to the next level.

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