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Digital Marketing: A Brief Overview

Business owners should always have one thing on their minds. How can you continue to grow your business? I'd love to sit here and tell you that its super easy like the thousands of other "marketing gurus" out there saying... "all you have to do is follow these simple instructions and your business is going to triple in size in 6 months." Lets bring it back to reality - most likely you're stuck managing your day to day operations, handling customers, managing employees, or you're in the initial phase of just trying to get your business off of the ground. At some point and stage you may be inspired to handle all of things you don't see in your every day operations like your website or social media, or even referral websites like yelp, google+ and anywhere else your business is listed.

Now if your business is in the early stages of operation you might be thinking that you don't have enough income to warrant any sort of marketing for yourself. FALSE. No matter what stage you're in there's always opportunities to make the public view of your business or service better.

There's a ton of companies out there (much like Words From Mouth Marketing) that offer businesses of any size services like digital advertising, video production, content generation and marketing, social media marketing, website building and management, lead generation, email marketing... you get the point. 

A marketing agency will tell you that it takes all of these different channels working together to effectively work for your business, and they're absolutely right. With that being said, if you cant afford 5,000 dollars a month to effectively market your business, why shouldn't you be able to pick and choose whatever you want to do? Something as simple as a streaming video advertisement for your business can help reach a vast amount of new specific customers, and not to mention is insanely more affordable than running an advertisement on cable television...

Or lets take something like email marketing. You might say to yourself I never open emails from new businesses, most of them are just spam, its not effective etc etc. Now I want you to think of all the repeat customers or clients that you have - maybe you have a little bit of them, maybe you have a lot of them? - This is a "no brainer" method to inform your previous customers about any promotions or services that you have running, and more than likely are going to react to your email marketing campaign because they're already interested and familiar with what your business offers.

I could literally go down the list of services and methods and explain how each of them can effectively work for your business. If you want to save time and start making more money all while reaching new customers every day, lets do this.

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